What is TQWL Tatkal Waiting List? Tatkal booking Rules

If traveling in trains without planning or emergency, then Tatkal tickets are an option for us. But due to congestion in ticket booking on the internet and reservation counter, it is challenging to get confirmed Tatkal tickets. Therefore, it is important that we know in advance some rules related to Tatkal Waiting List (TQWL).

The TQWL waiting list is like a normal waiting list, but this type of waiting list is seen when you book your Tatkal ticket.

Description of Tatkal Waiting List (TQWL)?

  • Tatkal tickets have been changed from CKWL to TQWL by Indian Railways from December 2016.
  • If the Tatkal ticket goes into waiting while booking, it is confirmed directly by not going to RAC / GNWL.
  • During chart preparation, the General Waiting List (GNWL) is preferred over the Tatkal Waiting List (TQWL), so the Tatkal ticket is less likely to be confirmed.
  • Tatkal tickets with waitlist are canceled during chart preparation, and the fare is refunded by deducting the clerk charge.

When is a Tatkal ticket booking?

Tatkal ticket booking takes place one day before the train leaves. That is, if you have to travel on 27 November, then you can book Tatkal tickets from 26 November. AC Tatkal tickets are booked from 10 am while sleeper class Tatkal tickets are booked from 11 am.

Tatkal waiting list confirmation chances

We observed that the probability of confirmation of waiting list tickets in General Kota is more than 94%. On the other hand, there is only a 30% probability of confirmation in the Tatkal waiting list.

Where to book Tatkal ticket

You can book Tatkal tickets at the Railway Reservation Counter or on the website of IRCTC with the help of the internet.

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Four passengers on a Tatkal ticket

In the Tatkal tickets, only four passengers can travel on one ticket or PNR. One must have a valid identity card. During online booking, you can book two Tatkal tickets with one ID.

If the Tatkal ticket shows the waitlist

There is so much panic for Tatkal tickets that not all passengers get confirmed seats. Many travelers take a waiting ticket in the hope that their seats may get confirmed while making the chart. The problem occurs when some seats are confirmed in the same Tatkal ticket and some are waitlist. In this condition, passengers with waiting tickets can also travel on the train. But if you do not have even a single seat reserved, then you cannot travel on this waiting ticket.

Tatkal ticket Cancellation

If you have a confirmed Tatkal ticket, there is no use to cancel it as you will not get any money for it. But if the train you are traveling with and that train is late for 3 hours, or that train has been canceled, or its route has been diverted, then you can cancel the confirmed Tatkal ticket. Refunds Payment will be made as per railway rules. However, for this, you have to fill the TDR. If you have a RAC or waitlist Tatkal ticket and do not want to journey, you will get a refund if you cancel the ticket up to 30 minutes before the departure of the train. If you have such a Tatkal ticket, some of which have confirmed the seat and some of them waiting list, then you can cancel such tickets. According to railway rules, you will get money.

If you have also got a TQWL Tatkal Waiting List ticket, you can see its live PNR status fromĀ here.

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