What is the number of Railway Enquiry?

Though the Indian Railways had different helpline numbers dedicated to the different needs of the passengers, they are no longer active, except for 182. This is because, to ensure the convenience of the passengers of the Indian Railway, the Railways has now introduced a single helpline number for all kinds of inquiries and grievance lodging during travel.

The new Indian Railways helpline number is 139. This simple three-digit number is both easy to remember and connect with the Indian Railways.

Helpline Numbers Discontinued

The new helpline number coming into effect to provide integrated services to the passengers of the Indian Railways led to the discontinuation of the previous ones that were dedicated to the different specific needs of the passengers. The helpline numbers that are discontinued are as follows:

  • 138 (General Complaints)
  • 1072 (Accidents and safety)
  • 9717630982 (SMS complaints)
  • 58888 and 138 (Clean my coach)
  • 152210 (Vigilance)
  • 1800111321 (Catering Services)

The only old helpline number that is still active is 182.

Information You Can Avail from the Railway Enquiry number 139

The new integrated helpline number is available in twelve different languages and based on the Interactive Voice Response System. The best part is you don’t need to have a smartphone to call 139. You can do it using any phone that you have.

The different information that will be available on the new helpline number is as follows:

  • PNR status information.
  • Accommodation availability information for both Tatkal and General Quota.
  • Information on the train fare charged by the Indian Railways.
  • Train schedule information.
  • Information on the running status of trains.
  • Special train details and other related information.
  • Different route information, such as break journey routes.
  • Information on amenities provided to the passengers by the Indian Railways.
  • Tourism information.
  • Online booking information on e-ticket and I-ticket.
  • Facility for booking train tickets over the phone.

Menu of Options

If you call 139, the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) will present you with a menu of options to help you understand which number you need to press for which kind of information.

  1. Press 1 for security and medical assistance. This will immediately connect you to a call-center executive to whom you can explain your problem.
  2. Press 2 for inquiry. This will lead you to a sub-menu from which you will need to choose what you want to enquire about. It includes PNR status, ticket booking, ticket cancellation, meal booking, wheelchair booking, accommodation, fares, destination alert/ wake up call, arrival/departure details of trains, and more.
  3. Press 3 for complaints related to catering.
  4. Press 4 for general complaints.
  5. Press 5 to lodge a complaint related to vigilance.
  6. Press 6 for accident inquiries.
  7. Press 9 for the status of any railway consumer complaint.
  8. Press * for speaking directly to a call-center executive.

Now that you know the new railway enquiry number and what information you can get from it, try to remember it. If you ever find yourself in need to enquire about something related to the Indian Railways, you know which number to dial!

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