What is RAC PNR Status? Know Rules Before Booking

IRCTC issues RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) tickets in online train ticket booking. If all the berths are booked at the time of booking, then the RAC seat is given to the passenger, which is a valid ticket for the journey in which the berth given to the passenger is not granted. The passenger stays in waiting for the berth. Passenger gets berth when the RAC ticket is confirmed. In RAC tickets, berths are divided into two seats, in which one berth is divided into two positions and given to the passenger. If you have a RAC ticket or you are planning to book tickets by train, then read these rules related to IRCTC’s RAC ticket.

Here are some things to know about IRCTC’s RAC

  • If at the last minute the seat of a confirmed ticket passenger is upgraded or his ticket is canceled, then that seat is transferred to the passenger with RAC ticket.
  • If a confirmed ticket passenger does not board the train or cancels his ticket before running the train, then that seat is given to the passenger with a RAC ticket.
  • If you have a RAC ticket, you can cancel it up to half an hour before the train starts running, after which there will be no refund on canceling.
  • If you have an online RAC ticket and the reservation chart has been created, you will have to fill the TDR online for a refund.
  • If more than one party or family’s e-ticket is issued out of which some people have confirmed ticket while some have RAC, then according to such terms and conditions, a confirmed ticket is given on a full refund. But all this must be half an hour before the train journey begins.

Some more rules related to RAC

  • RAC means Reservation Angst Cancellation in which the passenger is given a seat to sit.
  • Passengers cannot demand full berth for sleep in exchange for RAC.

Learn How to book train tickets online with Easy steps

Passengers who book tickets are given a specific status, such as confirmation (full berth), waiting or waiting list, and RAC.

IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, the e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways, enables passengers to book train tickets online through its website or mobile app. Passengers who book tickets are given a specific status, such as confirmed (CNF), wait or wait-listed (WL), and RAC Once all the available seats in the train are sold, the Indian Railways issues RAC for railway reservation. When all RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) seats are sold, waiting list tickets are released.

If you have also got a RAC ticket, you can see its live PNR status from here.

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