Lockdown: Travel services can start from 15 April, you can book train tickets

Currently has lockdown due to coronavirus infection. The 21-day period of the lockdown is until 14 April. Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba has already rejected the extension of the lockdown. In such a situation, the journey of the train and plane can be possible from 15 April. If you want, you can also book your train ticket by planning your trip. Significantly, the government had stopped the train and bus services on 22 March due to Coronavirus infection. With the announcement of lockdown after this, passenger buses, trains and air travel were also banned.

When will the lockdown end?

The lockdown in the country is 21 days, which will end on 14 April. But there was also unconfirmed news that the lockdown period could be extended. There was a situation of confusion among the people planning a trip for this. The cabinet secretary has ruled out the possibility of the lockdown increasing.

When did the lockdown begin?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the ‘lockdown’ of 21 days from midnight on 25 March across the country. After this announcement, Indian Railways stopped all passenger services till 14 April. However, Freight train continues to deliver essential goods across the country. Railway had earlier said to stop all its passenger services from 22 March to 31 March. Later, according to the lockdown period, rail travel services were suspended until 14 April. Apart from this, passenger bus services and passenger aircraft flights are also closed across the country. All these passenger services will start from 15 April after the lockdown ends.

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