Train PNR Status Type

The Indian people mainly depend on railways for easy and convenient travel within the country. Since every train has a limited number of seats, it is difficult to get confirmed tickets every time a train ticket is booked. Therefore, people are given RAC or WL PNR status on booking a train ticket. The booking status of the IRCTC train ticket is called Train PNR status.

The PNR or Passenger Name Record is a unique 10 digit number mentioned on a train ticket. This PNR number is issued as soon as the train booking is done on the Indian Railway Reservation System. PNR number provides complete journey details of passengers along with travel details. A PNR number is the train name, train number, date of journey, passenger name, ticket booking status, coach type, coach number, berth type, and berth number. Coach number, berth number, and berth type (i.e., upper, middle, lower, etc.) are allotted only when the train booking is in CNF PNR status.

IRCTC train booking follows a process in which the available seats are booked initially after these tickets are booked under RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) and tickets booked after that are in the Waiting List (WL) category. She comes in PNR status basically represents one of these categories and more of train tickets.

PNR Status Type:

As the brief description of PNR status includes details of the journey, it is necessary to know what they stand for. Below is the list of abbreviations and their meanings defining the live PNR status of their tickets:

CNF PNR Status – This means that the ticket has been confirmed, and the passenger’s seat has been allotted after making the chart.

WL PNR status – It stands for WAITING LIST and passengers with waiting list ticket cannot board the train.

RAC PNR Status – This is for reservation against cancellation. It is a type of ticket that ensures travel but does not guarantee allocation of a berth. However, a passenger can be allotted a suitable berth later if other passengers do not board the train with a confirmed train ticket.

CAN PNR Status – This means that the ticket has been cancelled and the passenger cannot board the train.

GNWL PNR Status – This is for the General waiting list. If GNWL is present on the ticket, passengers can board the train if other passengers have cancelled their tickets.

TQWL PNR Status – This is for the Tackle waitlist. It shows on the ticket that the passenger who has booked the ticket is on the waiting list.

PQWL PNR Status – This is for the Pooled Quota Waitlist. It is for the passenger who travels from the station where the train starts and lands in a station before the last train destination.

RLWL PNR Status – This is for the Remote Location Waitlist. It is for a traveller who travels between intermediate stations.

NOSB PNR Status – This is for No Seat Berth. It is for child passengers under 12 years of age, and no seats have been given for them.

Whenever there is availability of reserved seats, the booking status of tickets in the waitlist changes, the waitlist queue progresses from WL to RAC to CNF (Confirmed). Therefore, the PNR status of a WL ticket varies until the final chart is prepared on the day of travel.

For example, if your ticket represents your booking as WL 5, it means that you are 5th in the waitlist queue. Once any passenger cancels your ticket for the same train that is in CNF state or RAC state or WL state above your WL number, your WL number will decrease and be closer to RAC, or CNF PNR status will go.

WL to RAC PNR status

Your ticket will run to WL 5, WL 4, and so on to WL1. As your ticket rises to one place in the queue, the booking will appear as WL 5 / WL 4. Here, the first part will be the same in every scenario, which shows your actual booking status, and the second part shows the updated / current status.

RAC to CNF PNR Status

Once your booking enters the RAC queue, it will appear as WL 5 / RAC 4. After this, the RAC number will be updated until it becomes WL 5 / RAC 1. Here, the first part will remain the same in every scenario. The status and the second part shows the update / current status.

CNF tickets

After this, your ticket will turn into confirmation and appear as WL5 / CNF.

Please pay attention

WL 5 / WL 1 means that the current PNR status of your ticket is WL 1, i.e., it is still a waiting ticket, and you cannot board the train.

WL 5 / RAC 1 means that the current PNR status of your ticket is now RAC, and you are now eligible to board the train, and you will be allotted only seats, not a full berth.

WL5 / CNF means it is a confirmed ticket, you can board the train, and you will be allotted a full berth.

If your ticket is on the waiting list or RAC, it is essential to keep on check your current PNR status. You can easily monitor your train PNR status by browsing the website or website.

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