Senior Citizens Concession In Indian Railways Train

What is Senior citizen Concession in Indian Railway? Thinking of going for a vacation after retirement, but worrying about the cost? Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has come up with concessions in railway tickets for Indian male above the age of 60 and Indian females above the age of 58. While males are entitled to get a concession of up to 40 per cent, females can avail concession of up to 50 per cent of their ticket amount.

How to apply for Senior Citizen Concession

To avail of the concession, booking can be done through the IRCTC e-ticketing website,, or from any Indian Railways ticket booking counters or ticket reservation offices. For this, the senior citizen or the person booking the train ticket on behalf of the senior citizen needs to fill in the correct age according to the government-issued ID card and have to select the “Avail Concession” option under the “Option for Senior Citizen Concession” section while filling in passenger details form.

Facts related to Senior Citizen Concession

  • Concessions on fares are available for male senior citizens on and above 60 years and a female senior citizen on and above 58 years, while the element of concession is 40 percent for men senior citizens and 50 percent for women senior citizens, as per the rule of IRCTC.
  • This reduction in fares by Indian Railway for the senior citizens is offered in all classes of Mail trains/ Express trains/ Rajdhani trains/ Shatabdi trains and Duronto trains, throughout India.
  • No proof of age is required while purchasing the ticket but, it is mandatory for all the passengers availing senior citizen concession to carry some government authorized ID proof as prescribed showing their age or date of birth and have to produce on-demand of any on-board ticket checking staff, according to Indian Railways.
  • If any senior citizen passenger wants to opt-out of the concession fully and contribute towards nation development (i.e. pay the full fare of the ticket), then they have the option to book their tickets without the concession element, to do the same senior citizen should select “forgo full concession” option under the “option for senior citizen concession” section while filling passenger details form.
  • On the other hand, if any senior citizen wants to book tickets with 50 percent of senior citizen concession (i.e. Male passengers will get 20 percent concession in place of 40 percent and female will get 25 percent concession in place of 50 percent), such passengers should select “forgo 50 percent concession” option under “option for senior citizen concession” section while filling in passenger details form.

Other facilities for senior citizens

Apart from the concession, Indian railways have some other extended facilities for the senior citizen like: —

  • Allotment of lower berths for senior citizen even if no choice of the berth is given
  • If the person in the lower berth is not present after the departure of the train, then any senior citizen in the berth can be shifted to the lower berth on request.
  • 3 lower berths in each coach of the train are reserved for senior citizens, pregnant women, and women above age 45.
  • Separate ticket counters are allotted for senior citizens for booking tickets.
  • Special wheelchairs can be arranged on request for senior citizens.

After booking your train ticket, check the 10 digit PNR number here

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