Senior Citizen Ticket in Indian Railways Train

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation provides the senior citizens of India with a benefit.  They can avail of concessions for traveling on the express train across India. These concessions help them to travel in nominal amounts. The chances of the clearance of their tickets and seat confirmations are higher as compared to the other citizens of India. IRCTC Senior Citizen Concession is provided by the Central Railways to prevent any sort of discrimination or inconvenience caused to the elderly people.

Which trains provide this concession and who are applicable for IRCTC Senior citizen concession?

The elderly people can opt for IRCTC concessions for all Express, Mail, Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, and Duronto group of trains. The main criteria to opt for this concession is that men should be above 60 years of age and women should be above 58 years of age. The concessional fares are rebated as 40 percent in the case of men and 50 percent in the case of women.

What is the procedure for availing of the IRCTC senior citizen concession?

The elderly citizens of the society can opt for senior citizen Concession on the IRCTC e-ticketing website. In the site, under the option of senior citizen concession, there is an option of “avail concession”. First, the elderly passengers have to fill the form. They must provide all the details correctly. They must provide their exact age at the time of booking tickets online. Their age provided in the form must match with the date of birth mentioned in the Id proof which they need to carry compulsorily during their journey.

The Senior Citizen does not need to provide any proof at the time of purchasing the tickets. However, it is necessary to carry the proof because the Ticket Checker will ask for it at the time of the journey. The computerized Passenger Reservation system provides a provision to allow lower berths to the senior citizens and female passengers of and above 45 years of age.

What is the provision for seating arrangements for Senior Citizen?

Apart from providing lower births to the Senior Citizen passengers, the trains which have reserved sleeping accommodation also have a quota for the senior citizen’s coaches. They have a quota of six lower berths per coach in the sleeper class. In case of AC 3 tier and AC 2 tier, there are three lower berths per coach for the senior citizens, female passengers above 45 years of age, and pregnant women.  The number of berths under this quota in 3AC is four lower berths per coach in Rajdhani, Duronto, and fully air-conditioned Express trains. In case of normal mail and Express trains, the number of berths under this quota is three lower berths per coach. There is also a Provision for wheelchairs at stations and separate counters for the Senior citizens.

 What is Forgo full concession?

Previously the Senior Citizen automatically used to get concessions at the time of booking tickets for their journey. For the older passengers who do not wish to opt for the concessions, IRCTC  provides them with a Forgo Full Concession under Senior Citizen Concession Section. These unused concessions are used later for nation development activities.

How to forgo full concession?

Passengers who are eligible for IRCTC senior citizens can select the category of Forgo Full Concession under the option for Senior Citizen Concession section in the passenger details form.

What is forgo 50% concession?

There are certain senior passengers who want to avail 50 percent of senior citizen concession. For such persons, they can select the option of Forgo 50% concession under the Senior citizen concession section of passenger detail form at the time of applying for IRCTC senior citizen concession. The passengers not only get benefitted with less amount as compared to rest using this but it also helps IRCTC for its collection in nation-building activities. is the website for booking railway tickets the site is very easy to use. You can also fill forms, check train details, and other booking details through this site. There is also information regarding seat availability and number of waiting list passengers.  However, if the seat is not confirmed, the waiting tickets booked through the online portal get canceled. You will not receive a refund back.

However, no user can book 12 tickets in a month if the user verifies him through his Aadhar number along with at least one passenger who gets also verified through Aadhar. Aadhar identification will not be needed for booking up to six tickets in a month. It continues to remain the same. To avail this benefit, a senior citizen has to link his Aadhar number with IRCTC.

Steps to authenticate Aadhar details

  • First, you need to login on IRCTC eTicketing website using your IRCTC USER ID and password.
  • Then, you have click on “master List” under “ My Profile” menu.
  • Make sure to fill in all the details correctly, i.e. name, birth date, and Gender. Then select senior citizen concession option as yes/ no. Make sure to select the ID type as Aadhar. After that, provide your Aadhar number.
  • Make sure to provide all the correct details regarding your Aadhar card.
  • Then, click on “Add passenger” to add senior citizen passengers.
  • The passengers will get added in the Master list with verification status “ pending”.
  • After this, you need to verify the Aadhar details. For that, select “Click here to check pending Aadhar verification status” option in that section.
  • The verification status of senior citizens gets successfully verified. In case of failed authentications, verification status will be “ Not verified”.
  • For the senior citizens who are already available in the Master list without verification of the Aadhar card can also verify their Aadhar details using the “Edit” option. After that, they need to submit all the details including the Aadhar number.

How to select Aadhar verified Citizen passenger at the time of booking tickets?

To add Aadhar verified senior citizens passengers in the passenger details page, click on “Select passenger from your merit list” link. You will be shown a pop up with all the details of the passenger in the Master list. Senior citizen passengers who are selected from this page will get added to the passenger entry form.

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