Print Train Ticket Using PNR Number

Checking PNR status of train tickets online is now easy. Apart from the official website of IRCTC, with the help of other sites like, you can check the status of your train ticket. You can check the booking status using your PNR number to get the exact details about the confirmation. You can quickly check your e-ticket PNR status by visiting the site mentioned above. And you can also take a print of it, let’s know. How can you print an e-ticket by using a PNR number?


In this article, we are going to tell you to step by step how you can print your train ticket using PNR number with the help of and which actions you need to follow for this. Now the IRCTC printout is just a few clicks away and accessible.

Steps by Step Instruction to Print Indian Rail Train Ticket From Website

Following are these steps for printing Indian Railway online train ticket print or train ticket printing.

1) Open IRCTC Website

Open any web browser and enter the URL or click the following link to open IRCTC Booking Website

2) Log on IRCTC Website

login to IRCTC Next Generation e-Ticketing System

Enter details one by one to log on to the system

  • Username: Enter the registered username.
  • Password: Enter the password for the IRCTC account.
  • Captcha: Enter captcha as per image instructions.
  • Login and booking with OTP: If you are finding it challenging to enter captcha, then use this option to get and authorize OTP on your registered mobile.

Once you have entered all the above details, press the “Sign in” button to log in to the system.

3) Open Booked Ticket History Page

Go to My Account > My transactions > Booked ticket history page by IRCTC.

On the IRCTC Booked Ticket History page, you can quickly identify a train ticket using the PNR number.

4) Print IRCTC Train Ticket (E-Ticket)

To print a train ticket, you must first identify the appropriate ticket using the PNR or by date. Once you identify the same, click on it. Once you click, you will get a set of the following options from where you can print train tickets.

So, you can print whatever ticket you want to print. Press the “Print E-Ticket” button and choose the relevant printer to print the e-Ticket directly from the respective website.

Your e-ticket printout is ready.

I hope it helps!

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  1. Recently, I book train tickets for my friends and I was searching for a way to print my train tickets using PNR number and I get this post on Google search. It is really very helpful for me. You describe all points in a very easy way.

    You are doing good work.

    Thank You
    Sanjeev Kumar


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