Know the meaning of 10 digit PNR number written on a railway ticket

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10 digit number. In this ten-digit PNR number, All your information is stored. Railway Public Relations Officer says that the initial three digits in PNR tell about where you are going to start the journey. Today we are going to tell you what details are available in your PNR.

PNR Number stores the following information

1. The 10 digit Passenger Name Record (PNR) is a unique number in which the complete information of the passengers are stored.

2. The initial three digits of 10 digit PNR number indicate which PRS (Passenger Reservation System, developed by CSIR) has booked tickets. The 3 numbers indicate which zone the passenger reservation has been Done.

3. Like CR, WR, and WCR zones come under Mumbai PRS. Its 10 digit PNR number starts from 8 & 9. Suppose the Rajdhani Express ticket has been booked from Mumbai to Delhi, whose starting station in Mumbai, then will start from PNR 8.

4. In the next 7 digits of PNR, all the necessary information related to the passenger is stored. It contains train number, date of journey, distance, as well as the detail of adults and children who make the journey.

5. In which class will you travel? What will be your starting and ending station? Details of which station you have got reservation are also mentioned in it.

6. Confirm status also shows this. Waiting list, amount, date and time of ticketing are also fed.

7. Transaction details (Transaction ID, payment mode, ticket charge information)

8. Any passenger can check his PNR status through the website PNR checking counters are also available at all major stations.

9. Due to privacy and security, details of the ten-digit PNR number are not made general. IRCTC updates the PNR status.

10. PNRs are points of unique records. The complete datastore is in the railway’s central database. This is where all travel-related information is stored.

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