IRCTC Train Ticket Cancellation rules that you need to know

When you cancel a reserved train ticket you are entitled to get back either the partial refund of the amount or the full refund which you paid during the time of reservation. However, the refund process for the counter tickets and the e-tickets booked through IRCTC is not the same. The amount of money refunded also depends on the status of your ticket. It depends on whether you are canceling a confirmed, RAC, Tatkal, or waitlisted ticket and also the time of cancellation. The entire refund process is governed by certain rules, regulations, and policies. Here is an overview of some of the important refund rules that you should know.

Refund rules for e-tickets booked through IRCTC website or mobile app.

According to the refund rules of IRCTC, you can get a refund for the e-ticket booked online through IRCTC platforms. You have to simply cancel them online. After the deduction of application cancellation fees from the amount, the refund will be made to the account through which you had made the payment.

Railway Refund Rules for counter tickets

If the ticket is cancelled through a PRS counter, refund for the counter tickets which are cancelled through a PRS counter can be collected from the counter directly after deduction of the cancellation fees from the amount.

 If the ticket is canceled online through IRCTC

In case of online cancellation of tickets, the refund can be collected at the station where you were supposed to board the train. You can also collect it from one of the neighboring satellite locations of PRS within a given time limit. In order to collect the refund, you must surrender your original ticket.

IRCTC refund rule for confirmed tickets before the preparation of the chart

The amount of the refund for the confirmed tickets, whether counter tickets or e-tickets are calculated on the basis of the time you choose to cancel the train in regard of the departure of the train. The refund policies of Indian Railways for the confirmed tickets are:

48 hours prior to commencement of the journey.

Refund is given after deducting an amount of:

  • Rs.240 + GST in case of AC first class or executive class.
  • Rs.200 + GST for AC 2 TIER or first class.
  • Rs.180+ GST for AC 3 tier, AC chair car, or AC 3 economy.
  • Rs.130 + GST for sleeper class.
  • Rs60 + GST in case of second class.

48 hours to 12 hours

Refund is given after deduction a cancellation charge of 25% from the original amount.

12 hours up to 4 hours

Refund is given after deducting the cancellation charge of 50% from the original amount.

After the train has departed

You will not get back any refund.

Railway refund rule for confirmed tickers after the preparation Of the chart

  • You have to file a TDR, i.e. Ticket Deposit Receipt to get a refund for a confirmed ticket after the preparation of the chart.
  • You will not get back any refund if the ticket is not cancelled or if TDR is not filed up to 4 hours before the train is set to leave the station.
  • It will take a minimum of 60 days or more to get back the refund of the ticket that is filed through TDR.

IRCTC refund rules for RAC tickets

It is possible to get a refund for the RAC tickets if it is canceled up to 30 minutes before the train is set to depart from the station. The refund is subjected to a cancellation charge if Rs.60 + GST.

In order to get back the refund for the RAC ticket after the chart preparation, you need to file a TDR.

If you don’t cancel your ticket or file a TDR, you won’t get any refund.

IRCTC Refund Rules for waitlisted tickets

  • In case of waitlisted tickets, you will get a refund after the deduction of cancellation fee of Rs.60 + GST provided you cancel the ticket up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • If you have a waitlisted e-ticket (GNWL, RLWL, or PQWL) whose status remains unchanged even after the chart has been made, you will be refunded the fare by IRCTC after deduction of the cancellation fees.
  • In case of waitlisted counter tickets, you can cancel it at a PRS counter or IRCTC website.

Refund rules for tatkal ticket cancellation

For waitlisted tatkal tickets you are entitled to a refund according to the waitlisted or RAC refund rules of Indian Railways after the deduction of the cancellation charges. You will be granted a full refund of the tickets if;

  • The train gets delayed by over 3 hours.
  • The train is set to follow a route that you don’t want to travel.

Railway refund rules of premium tatkal ticket cancellation.

According to IRCTC refund rules, you will not get back any refund if you cancel confirmed premium tatkal tickets.

IRCTC refund rules for partially confirmed party or family tickets.

In case of family e-tickets or party e-ticket in which some of the seats are confirmed while others are on waitlist or RAC, even the confirmed passengers get back the refund if they choose not to travel. To avail the refund, you need to cancel the ticket online or file for a TDR 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

IRCTC Refund Rules for cancelled trains.

  • In case of e-tickets, you are entitled to get a full refund no matter whether you have confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC ticket. In such cases, you need not cancel the e-ticket or file a TDR.
  • For counter tickets, you have to cancel the refund from a PRS counter. However, you must cancel your tickets within 72 hours after the departure of the train

IRCTC refund rules for lost or misplaced ticket

Indian railways don’t allow refunds for the tickets lost or misplaced by the passengers. The passengers can opt for a duplicate ticket and continue their journey.

Some other important information that you should know

  • If you have a reserved ticket and the railway administration fails to provide you berths or seats, you are entitled to get back the full refund without any cancellation fee deduction.
  • If you want to cancel an unreserved ticket, you can present the ticket to the station master within 3 hours of the issuance. You will get back the refund after deduction of cancellation fees of Rs.30.
  • In case of traveling in AC coaches, if Indian Railways fail to provide you with an AC coach for a portion of your journey, you will get a refund for that specific part of your journey after the deduction of certain charges.
  • If you have a ticket for a higher travel class ( for example 1 AC) and you have to travel in a lower class ( for example 3 AC) due to non-availability of accommodation, you can claim a refund based on the difference between two classes. In such cases, the ticketing staff issues a certificate to the passenger. To get the refund, passengers having e-tickets must file an online TDR within two days after certificate issuance.
  • However, passengers with counter tickets should send the certificate to IRCTC by post.
  • During the time of booking e-tickets through IRCTC website if the amount gets debited from your account but no tickets gets issued to you, then the entire amount will be refunded back to you by IRCTC.

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