Waiting Rooms in Railway Stations | Indian Railway waiting room

It so happens sometimes that the train you were to board has been delayed or that you reached the station early with no place to pass your time. Having many luggage and relatives may make it harder for you to head outside. For such cases, Indian railways have created waiting rooms in almost all railway stations. It is similar to an airport waiting for systems. It can be used only by genuine passengers and are available to them only when they are able to display their tickets.

The Waiting Room is mostly present on Platform No. 1 or on the terminus side. You can use it for a short interval of time without paying any charge. The sitting areas in the waiting room are limited and are occupied on a first come first serve basis with no policy of reservations.

Types of Waiting Room in Indian Railways:

There are three types of waiting room:

  • Lower class waiting room which is non- AC. It can be used by SL/ 2S passengers.
  • Ladies waiting room which is again non- air-conditioned.
  • The upper-class waiting room is air-conditioned. It can be used by 3A/ 2A/ 1A/ EC/ CC passengers after showing their tickets.

The ticket shown must be confirmed or should be on the waiting list. Most waiting rooms extend the facilities toilets but not showering.

Rules by Railway: Waiting Room

For using the waiting room at any railway station you need to follow certain guidelines as laid down by the Railways.

  • You should have a valid railway ticket with a PNR number.
  • Before getting a seat you need to enter your name in the waiting room register.
  • You can only enter the respective waiting room of your class of travel.
  • You would not be allowed to be in the waiting room at your destination station.
  • When you have to change the train at any intermediate station, you would be allowed to occupy the waiting room until the arrival of your next train.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much time can be spent in the waiting room both for source station and destination station?

You may wait in the waiting room until your departure train arrives. Entry in the waiting room is allowed up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the train. You would not be allowed in the waiting area if you are at the destination station.

  • Can anyone use the waiting room in the railway station?

The waiting room can be used only by the genuine passengers with the show of tickets.

  • Can I go to an AC waiting room if I have a sleeper class ticket?

No, you can only be allowed to use the same category of the waiting room as your class of travel. Thus if you have booked a ticket for sleeper class you can wait only in the lower class waiting room or ladies waiting room if you are a lady.

The AC upper-class waiting room can be used for sitting only by passengers booking tickets of 3A/ 2A/ 1A/ EC/ CC.

  • Do railway waiting rooms have toilets?

Yes, almost all the waiting rooms have toilets which you can use. But you will not get the option of showering.

  • Are you waiting room and retiring room of a railway station the same?

No waiting room and retiring room of a railway station are not the same. The waiting area available at almost all railway stations can be used by all the passengers free of cost on the display of their tickets. Whereas retiring rooms are available only at some major stations like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. You need to pay a certain fee to use the restroom.

The waiting room cannot be used by arrivals, but the same is not the case with the restroom. You can use resting rooms even after a completed journey as restrooms are available for both departure and arrivals.

You will not get any place for showering in the waiting room. But restrooms have toilets as well as showers.

  • What can I do if my train got delayed and I am not getting the waiting room?

If your train is delayed and you are not getting any place in the waiting area you can go to the railway police and can stay in the station with the permission of the Railway Officer.

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