Indian Railway Travel Classes

Indian Railways uses two types of coaches, the first is ICF (Integral Coach Factory), and the second is LHB (Link Hofmann Bush). When you have to travel in Indian Railways, you can travel to many types of classes. So today, we are telling you about the coach and class of Indian Railways.

ICF coach: The ICF coach is a traditional railway coach used on the coaches of the main route passengers of the Indian Railways. The design of these coaches was developed by ICF (Integral Coach Factory), Perambur, Chennai, India.

LHB coaches: LHB coaches are passenger coaches of the Indian Railways developed by Link-Hofmann-Busch in Germany. These coaches are designed for trains running at a speed of 160 km / h and can reach a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

Types of Indian Railways Travel Class

Indian Railways offers different types of travel classes on its coaches with varying kinds of seats or berths, depending on the class of travel.

1A – First Class AC

It is the most expensive class of Indian Railways. Its price is almost equal to the airplane fare. The first AC has eight cabins, and the half AC first-class coach has three cabins. The coach has a staff to help the passengers. Beds are included with the ticket fare. This air-conditioned coach only exists on popular routes, and this coach can carry 10 or 18 passengers. Sleeper berths are very wide and vast.

2A – AC Two Tier

The second AC coach of the railway is also air-conditioned with sleeping berth. It has ample legroom, curtains, and an individual reading lamp. The seats in this coach are divided into two levels of six sections. Four seats spread across the width of the coach and two seats to the side. Take care of privacy; there is a curtain in every seat. About 46 passengers travel in a broad gauge coach (ICF), while up to 52 passengers can travel in an LHB coach.

3A- AC 3 Tier

This coach is also fully air-conditioned with sleeping berth. Although its seats are arranged in the same manner as 2AC, it has three tiers relative to the width and has two sides, i.e., eight seats in total in one coach. There is no lamp of any kind to read, the cost of the bedding provided in it is included in your rent. Sixty-four passengers travel in it. In a broad gauge (ICF) coach where 72 passengers can travel.

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FC – First Class

First-class coaches are similar to AC’s first coaches but do not have AC. No beds are available in this coach without AC. Its berths are smaller than those of First AC. An employee is also available in the coach to help the passengers.

3E – AC Three Tier (Economy)

Garib Rath Express trains have air-conditioned coaches with sleeping berths. The berths are generally arranged as 3A.

EC – Executive Chair Car

This air-conditioned coach has a lot of space between the seats. This coach has a total of four seats in a row. These coaches are used in Tejas Express and Shatabdi Express trains.

CC – AC Chair Car

It is also an air-conditioned seater coach, with only five seats in a row. Such coaches are on day trips. Such coaches are used in Garib Rath, double-deckers, and Shatabdi trains.

SL – Sleeper Class Non-AC

Sleeper class is the most common coach of Indian Railways, usually ten or more such coaches are added to a train. This coach has three berths in width and two in length, with 72 seats for passengers.

2S – Second Seater Non-AC

Second Seater coaches are the lowest class coaches. It has seats for passengers to sit only. A berth seats three passengers. It has 108 chairs for sitting in LHB coaches.

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UR / General – Unreserved / General

This is the cheapest accommodation. These coaches are usually more crowded, and seats are not guaranteed. A boarding ticket is issued within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, and it is valid in any train on the same route.

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