How to Order Food in Train | IRCTC e-catering Scheme

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the only organization that is authorized to provide food to passengers while traveling via train. It is not always possible to carry food while traveling, especially when the journey is for more than twenty-four hours, moreover, most of the Indians are ready to munch onto their meals while enjoying the scenic view of the countryside while traveling. Looking into the problem of ordering food, IRCTC has come up with a new e-Catering scheme to provide healthy, tasty, and hygienic food to the passengers. Now the passengers can order their food beforehand and enjoy their ride without worrying about the availability of food. You will be able to get any type of veg and non-veg food, fast food, desserts, snacks, biriyani, different regional foods, thalis, etc.

How to order food online while traveling by train

You can order online by following these easy steps: —

  • Open
  • Enter Passenger Name Record (PNR) Number
  • Choose the station from the list of railway stations from the drop-down menu
  • Then Choose the vendor from whom you want to take food delivery
  • Choose the food items
  • Select the mode of payment
  • The order will be processed and confirmed.

How to know that the order is confirmed

Once the payment process is completed, the passenger as well as the service provider will receive a mail and an SMS containing details of the order. Apart from the mail and SMS, an OTP will be sent to the customer which will be used during the food delivery for verification purpose. Moreover, a mail will be sent 24 hours before the food delivery and a mail together with an SMS will be sent again before two hours of the scheduled delivery.

Other methods of ordering food while traveling

If you are unable to order your food from the IRCTC website, there is nothing to worry about. Apart from the website, there are three other ways in which you can get your food ordered from the IRCTC service. They are: —

  • The mobile app “Food on Track”, that can be easily downloaded from google play store or app store.
  • Call 1323
  • Send SMS by typing MEAL<PNR> to 139

Things that you should know regarding ordering food in train

  • You can book your meal while doing your train reservation.
  • You can book your meal even if your reservation is not confirmed and you have a waitlisted ticket.
  • If your train gets delayed, the train will be monitored and accordingly, the food will be delivered within the service timing (from 0600 to 2200 hrs).
  • You can book and cancel your order from the time of booking your tickets to 2 hours before the scheduled delivery of the meal, but the refund will take 3 days excluding the day of cancellation.
  • If you order your meal only 2 hours before the arrival of the train, you will have only 5 minutes to cancel it.
  • There are multiple payment options including cash on delivery (COD).

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