How To Find Out About Vacant Seats/Berth In The Train

Whenever we think of traveling somewhere, traveling by train is the most effective one. A journey by train is the best when it is of a long distance.  Whether it is a tour during vacation or tour based on work, traveling by train is the most used way. 80% of the total population travels by this means of transport. Due to the population growth especially during the rush months of tour and travels, it is very difficult to find a vacancy of seats on the train. Though there are pretty many trains provided by the government, still it is very difficult to find a vacancy of seats in train especially during emergency or sudden plans. People traveling more or less on a daily basis by train need to check the availability of train seats for a proper journey.

There are quite a number of ways through which the availability of vacant seats in trains can be checked. The best part is we can sit at home and check it using our mobile phone or browsing websites rather than rushing to the ticket counters in the railway station just to check the availability of tickets. And every time it becomes a hassle to visit a railway station just to check the availability of train tickets for a particular train when the easiest method is there to check the vacancy at home itself.

How To Find Out Vacant Seat Or Berth In The Train

Here are some ways which will guide you, how to find out vacant seat or berth in the train.

Steps to check the availability of vacant train seats via IRCTC website or –

  • Browse or using your browser.
  • Clicking on the CHART / VACANCY option a new page will appear where you need to provide either the train name or its number, the date you will be comfortable for traveling using the calendar option provided to you by the website, and the name of the boarding station and the destination station.
  • Then click on GET TRAIN CHART below, which will display you the coach wise and class wise number of vacancies of seats.
  • You can select the class whether it’s AC or first-class or Sleeper or General, as per your criteria.
  • Clicking on a particular coach you can also see the berth-wise board status and select the berth which you want to take, like being comfortable with a lower berth in the train as per your necessity along with the layout.

Step to check the TATKAL ticket availability in train

  • Browse the IRCTC new generation e-ticketing System.
  • The gate of the TATKAL quota of the train scheduled opens before 24 hours.
  • Provide the boarding as well as the destination station along with the train name or the train number.
  • You need to click on the TATKAL quota.
  • Now you can check the vacant seat available coach wise as well as class-wise as per your choice.

IRCTC and have provided us with mobile applications that we can easily download in our mobile phones from the app stores, using which we can also check the vacancies and availability of train seats or berth on the train. Just we need to login in into the app using our user ID on and password which has been created by us after downloading the mobile app.  Then click on PLAN MY JOURNEY. Thus, the procedure follows as mentioned above on the websites.

There are many third-party applications or websites which are used to check the vacancies and availability of train seats. But the above-mentioned ways are the safest and the easiest way to check the availability of tickets.

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