How to check the Train Seat Availability Status?

Whenever it is time to travel, everyone starts running to find the availability of the train seat. Well, given the fact that the majority of the population still prefers to travel by train, Indian Railways opens its ticket booking service four months before the date of travel. Therefore, to defeat the crowd, it is best to book your ticket as soon as possible. However, booking tickets in advance is a good option if you are sure of your travel plans. This is not often the case with many travelers.

Before reserving the ticket and getting your PNR number, you have to check the status of the availability of the train seat. It is important to check the status of train seat availability before making a reservation, as it will give you complete information about the train schedule and how many seats are left for the train on a particular date.

How to check the Train Seat Availability Status?

It is essential to check the status of the seat availability of the train so that you can make reservations and plan accordingly. To check the status of train seat availability, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  1. Once the web page is loaded, enter the train details such as train number, Enter Journey Date, source station, destination station, class, and quota.
  2. After entering the details, click on “Get Availability” to check availability until the departure of the train.
  3. The availability status of the train will be visible until its departure.

By following these simple steps, you can quickly check the current seat availability status of the train and make your reservations and plans accordingly. By checking the availability of the seat of the train, you will be able to know about the train schedule for the departure and destination station.

Along with this, it also tells you about the quota of the train and how many seats are left. The important thing here is that the seats are on the left and then you can plan accordingly and make your reservation as soon as possible.

Therefore, you should always check the status of train availability before making any reservation.

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Train Seat Availability FAQ

Q) How to check train seat availability by SMS?

A: SMS service: SMS ” SEAT<Train number><DOJ** ddmmyy> <Station from:STD code> <Station to:STD code><class><Quota>***”to 139

For example SEAT 12061 030520 0542 0571 SL G

Note: Premium Charges Per SMS are applicable.

Q) How to check the availability of train seats through phone?

A: Railway inquiry number: Call 139

Q) Why do I get an error please try later: Message / Status?

A: following reasons may be responsible:
1 – You have entered an incorrect or invalid train number.
2 – You have entered an incorrect or invalid station.
3 – Indian Railways server is down or overloaded.

Q) How can I check my seat number on the train?

A: To check information about your seat on the train, you should check the PNR status. This includes the booking status that states whether you confirm the train ticket or is on the waiting list (WL) or is under reservation against cancellation (RAC) PNR status.

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Q) What does the current seat availability mean?

A: Current seat availability is one of the fastest ways to find out the latest booking information and check the availability of seats in real-time. It can be done by entering Source Station & Destination Station name/code along with Journey Date and travel class and Quota to know the current seat availability.

Q) What are the chances of my ticket getting confirmed?

A: With the new feature of waiting list prediction by IRCTC, one can predict the probability of waiting list or RAC ticket getting confirmed. It is based on the latest booking trends.

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