How to book train tickets online with Easy steps

You can easily book a train ticket online from home. It will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes to book tickets online. Learn how to book train tickets online in this article. Most people in India depend on trains to travel. People use rail transport to go from one city to another. There is a massive network of railways in India, about two crore people travel daily by train. For traveling by train, now you have the facility to book tickets online to avoid the hassles of booking tickets through the railway ticket counter so that you can book train tickets through mobile or desktop. We are giving you some easy ways to book train tickets online which are as follows –

Online Railway Tickets Booking Details

To book railway tickets, you can take the help of a mobile app or website, through which you can book tickets online. For this, you must first have some essential things. Like –

  • Having an internet connection is a must
  • After that, you should have the facility of a debit card or net banking, so that you can pay the ticket price online. Therefore, your savings account should be linked to net banking.
  • To book tickets online, you must have an account with IRCTC.

How to Make IRCTC Account

If you have not created your account on IRCTC, then we are showing below the easy process of creating an account for you.

First process: First of all, you open this link for Individual Registration.

Second process: After signing up in this process, the user name, password, mobile number, etc. will be filled in the page that will open in front of you. After filling this, the password and verification code will come on your mobile, after that click on the button to submit the registration form. To continue the registration, click on the OK button, then you have to click on the button accepting the terms, after which you will see the thank you message and some information. Now you have created your account.

Mobile number and email ID will have to be verified to activate the IRCTC account. For this, by logging into the IRCTC website with the username and password, enter the OTP on the mobile number.

Now you can easily book your ticket online from IRCTC, the official website of Indian Railways.

How to book railway tickets online

First of all, open this page

Log in by entering the username and password.

Then you open the My Travel page, after this page opens, you enter the name of your source and destination city in it. After that, choose your travel date, what type of ticket you want to book, you should select the type of e-ticket.

After that you click on the train button to search for the trains, this will reveal the list of trains according to your city and date, in which you will have to choose the option of your train class like Sleeper, AC, then confirm the available seat class in it Or the unavailability of RAC or seat will be displayed in front of you. There is also an option to book Tatkal train tickets.

Now when you click on the book button, you will be directed to redirect the ticket reservation form, in which you will have to fill the details of number, age, sex and birth priority, etc in the form. The passenger’s mobile number has to be filled, from which the ticket will be available to them via SMS, and they will not need to print the ticket to show the TC, they will also be able to show their ticket in the mobile.

Next, fill in the captcha and click on the Go button, which will display the Payment section page in front of you. To make a payment, you have to choose the type of debit, credit, or internet banking.

After selecting the card type, a payment gateway page will appear in front of you, in which you will have to fill your card details and click on ‘Payment.’

After this, the process of booking your online train ticket will be completed, and an SMS will be sent to your number along with your email id.

How to book Tatkal tickets?

Tatkal tickets are also booked in the same manner as mentioned above; there is only a difference of time. You can book general quota tickets 120 days in advance, but Tatkal tickets would be booked just one day before traveling. This means that if you have to travel on 15 October, you can book tickets on 14 October. Booking of AC class Tatkal tickets starts from 10 AM and non-AC class booking starts at 11 AM.

After the book, your ticket Check your PNR status on this website.

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