Facts about chain pulling in a train you never knew before

Chain pulling in the train has existed for a long time to give the passengers a means of making the train stop in case of something unfortunate happening. Unfortunate moments happen sometimes when we are traveling and in some cases like a family member getting left in a station requires a means of stopping the train to pick the member up. In an unknown station, your family member can be a bit scared to be left behind and it seems reasonable to pick them back up.

Although the chains are provided to make sure that unfortunate events do not happen and people do not suffer any harsh consequences, but certain things need to be kept in mind before pulling the chain or certain consequences can be faced because pulling the chain can have many things related to itself. Keeping them in mind is important because otherwise, you can be faced with charges associated with the train travel rules.

Fact 1: how the train stops

Trains are big and have a lot of coaches attached to it. This can create a big issue for people if something unfortunate happens. That is why chains are provided because people would not be able to run to the other side.

The chain is attached to a mechanism that regulates the air pressure in the wheels of the trains. When the air pressure in the wheels of the train escapes and the air pressure is lowered, the train is slowed down.

This does not stop the train completely, because that can cause a derailment. When the train is running at full speed and the train chain is pulled in that case, there is a high chance that the train might derail, and that can cause some really bad accidents.

Fact 2: how many chains are available in every coach

There were times when chains used to be available in every wall of the coach but since then the Indian Railways has lowered the count. This was done to reduce the misuse of the chain in train coaches. That is why there is only one chain present in the middle of every coach.

All the passengers can discuss if the pull of the chain is the right decision at the end of the day and can make the decision based on that. Running to the other side to talk to the loco pilot can take much more time than just running to the middle of the coach to stop a train that is already running slower than usual.

Fact 3: the loco pilot can override the chain pulling commands

In required situations where the pulling of the chain slows down the train in a way that it can be prone to accidents, the loco pilot can override the instructions sent to the brakes to reduce the chances of an accident.

In the days long gone, when trains were a new thing, loco pilots were allowed to override the controls in accident-prone zones.

But since the times have changed, if a loco pilot overrides the controls and instructions sent from the chain, he or she should have good reasoning for doing so. Higher authorities do question such decisions and take actions based upon that.

Fact 4: Are there any charges for pulling the chain without any convincing reason?

Yes, some charges can be applied to anyone who is found to be guilty of pulling the chain without any convincing reason.

The RPF will ask questions to the person who pulls the chain because the signals will be sent from the train coach to the loco pilot. There will be some reasons that are acceptable for pulling the chain.

If a person is left behind at a station and you are a family member to that person, you can easily pull the chain but you have to be ready to explain. If there are no good reasons for pulling the chain, the person can be fined up to 1000 INR and can even be sent to jail for a year at least.

Fact 5: pulling the chain at full speed can cause damage to the train

If the chain is pulled when the train is not traveling at its full speed, there are not many consequences that will be faced by stopping the train. Although, you need to be careful when the train is running at full speed.

The train can derail in some cases if there is a series of twists and turns in the railroad. If the train encounters a turn while on a great speed when the train is pulled, the wheels will not be able to adapt to every information that is being sent from the chain and also the rails. This can end up derailing the train and can cause severe accidents. Be mindful of not pulling the chain when the train is on full speed.

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