Confirmation Chances For Your Waitlisted Tickets

After purchasing a ticket online for your travel, you take a look that what are the chances of getting a confirmed ticket before commencing your journey and there will be a long queue of waitlisted passengers. So, today we will about the changes related to a confirmed ticket after a long waitlisting process. Let’s start.

There are various things to take into account before knowing about the confirmation chances.

First Is About Waitlisted Tickets

When a passenger is marked WL followed by a series of numbers then the current PNR status of his/her ticket is in the waiting list section. These waiting list tickets get confirmed if any of the passengers in the waiting list before you cancel his/her ticket. Now by chance, if you see that your ticket is still in waitlist and the final chart is prepared then you won’t get any seat allotted for your whole journey. In cases, it is also seen that all the passengers who have booked their tickets online are still on the waiting list and the final chart has been prepared than the authority automatically cancels all the tickets and makes the refunds to the passenger’s account.

In such cases, the passengers should not board the train. Now if a situation arises that there is a single passenger who has a confirmed ticket in the list and the others have a waiting list status then, in that case, the whole ticket does not get automatically canceled and the all the passengers in the list can board the train but will not be allotted any berth excluding the one passenger who has a confirmed ticket.

Understanding The Wait Listing Systems.

It’s good to have knowledge about how the waitlist system works because you can get a clear idea of how to get a confirmed ticket. The waitlist system is a complex process and takes into account many factors like the rate cancellation, the type of waitlist, the quotas, frequency of trains and distance covered by the train, and of course the class of travel have a major impact on the waitlist system process. There are also three important factors:

  • You have to understand the numbering system. There will be two numbers in a waitlisted ticket, one is the length of the waitlist and the other is the number that you are on the waiting list.
  • Also, the quota system and the type of waitlist have got major importance. There are different types of the waitlist and based on the location the quotas are been selected.
  • Finally, the chart preparation on the day of the travel. If your ticket remains waitlisted on the day of travel and you have purchased that ticket online it will automatically get canceled you will get the refund.


Chances Of Getting A Confirmed Ticket

There are several kinds of tickets you can choose while purchasing a ticket online.

  • Confirmed Tickets: These tickets are confirmed and have a particular seat number mentioned. You will get all the details about your seat which will be generated once the booking procedure is completed.
  • Reservation against Cancellation (RAC): These particular tickets are given when all the general seats are filled at the time of booking. These tickets get confirmed if anybody cancels his/her ticket(s). The RAC ticket categories have 90 seats allotted. If you board a train with an unconfirmed RAC ticket you will have to share a single seat with another passenger. Once the train departs the examiner analysis the whole compartment and provides the vacant seats to the unconfirmed RAC passengers.
  • Waiting List Tickets: These particular category tickets are distributed one’s the RAC category tickets are finished booking. Now if you book online and have a waiting list, you cannot board the train. And if you purchased a waitlisted ticket from the ticket counter then you can travel on the train but you will not get any seat until and unless there is a vacant one available. If you purchase a waitlist online it will be until it moves to the RAC status. And if you are unable to use your ticket under any circumstances then the amount will be sent to your bank account but a service will be deducted by the company of using their website.

So, to sum up!!

There are some demerits to purchase an online ticket if you do not have a confirmed or RAC ticket in hand. Be sure you read carefully about status and also see the quotas and seat availability before making any online ticket purchase. Wish You A Happy Journey.

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