Everything You Need To Know About Cloakrooms at Indian Railways

What is Cloakroom?

A cloakroom is a place for people can hang their cloaks or other any outerwear before entering a building such as a mall or a restaurant. However, in India cloak rooms are present at most of the large railway stations. These cloakrooms are mainly useful for railway passengers. They can keep their luggage safely at the cloakroom for a fixed amount of time. Some of the major railway stations of India have a 24-hour facility. On the other hand, some of the smaller railway stations operate cloakrooms only during the early morning up to evening. This is extremely useful for day traders and pilgrims who visit large cities from small towns. It is also useful for people who are waiting at the railway station for a change over to another train within a few hours.

Cloakrooms allow the passengers to keep their luggage in other essentials safely. It is extremely advantageous for people who are visiting the city for a day to conduct their business and do not want to carry their luggage throughout the day. It is also useful for people who do not want to rent a hotel for a few hours to keep their luggage. If you want to visit a city for and do not want to spend a lot of money on renting a hotel room you can keep your luggage at the station cloakroom and more about the city to conduct your business without any worry about your luggage.

This facility of the cloakroom is operated by the commercial office headed by the Indian railways at all of the large railway stations. The cloakrooms which are available on the railway stations ensure the safe custody of your luggage allowing you to spend a day without any worries about your language.

Process of depositing your luggage

Once you reach the railway station all you need to do is find the cloakroom. At the cloakrooms at Indian railways, a railway clerk collects your luggage and keeps it at a safe place. However, in order to deposit your luggage at a particular cloakroom, you need to have a train ticket from or to that station. once the clerk verifies your ticket, the luggage bags are collected which should be locked. After the collection of the luggage bag, a receipt is issued which mentions the date as well as the time when the luggage was surrendered. These luggage items are then kept safely at the cloakroom. At the time of delivery, you need to produce the given receipt duly signed which acts as an acknowledgment that you have received your luggage along with the prescribed charges. It is important to note that under no condition, delivery of luggage is done without the surrender of the given receipt. While depositing your luggage you also need to ensure that all of your baggage and travel bags unlock security otherwise this will not be accepted by the railway personnel.

Tariff for availing cloakroom services

A deposit of 3 INR is taken for a safe deposit locker which is refunded after use. You want to keep your luggage in the cloakroom for 24 hours you need to pay rupees 15 INR. However if you want to keep your luggage for another 24 hours, you will have to pay 20 INR for every subsequent period.

Things to Remember Before Depositing Your Luggage

  • Most of the railway station offers the cloakroom facility to a passenger for a maximum period of one month.
  • It is compulsory to have a train ticket showing that you have either married at the said station or you will be departing from the station within a stipulated period of one month.
  • All of the bags must be locked securely. If you are unable to lock the side pockets of your backpack, make sure that they are empty.
  • Food in any form must not be kept in the bags while deposition of the luggage.

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