Can I Travel with waiting list (WL) Ticket in Train?

Before planning any holidays, vacations or business meets we always check the timetable and availability of the transport we are using and most of the people use the journey by train as the easiest and the simplest means of transport. The department of railways along with the government has provided us with a large scale of railway networks and by simply checking the schedule and availability of seats in the train. We can search on the IRCTC website or any other portals so that we can travel from one destination to another without any hassle.

If one doesn’t get the reservation or tickets in their desired train, they can try to find different trains running on the same route by gathering the information on other trains. There are quite a number of trains running like Duronto, local ones, Shatabdi,  premier trains, super fast trains, intercity ones and the time table of each of the train providing us with the information such as schedule and arrival time of the train along with its halts, routes, departure time and many more queries. Having a proper check of information on the train will help the people in comparing the price of the ticket along with the availability of seats and reservation of tickets required to the passenger. Advanced technology has been playing an important role for not only travelers but also the department of railways by providing information, online bookings, and schedule just within a few seconds.

Everybody wants a tension-free safe journey with a lot of adventures and nostalgia and the technology which is provided to us and by accessing the information about the availability of tickets while making plans for a great journey by train is very important. But prior to these, you need to make sure that you have train tickets for which you need to book a ticket beforehand and have at least a RAC reservation if not confirmed reservation.

Should one travel while having their ticket on the waiting list?

Ideally one should not be traveling by train if their ticket is on the waiting list. If a passenger is found having a PRS waiting list ticket in premium trains such as Shatabdi, Rajadhani, and Duronto that person can be fined or asked for de-board from the train at its next halt. In the case of other express trains, the traveling ticket examiner may not be interfering about this matter and will let you travel but it is advisable not to do so as this may cause inconvenience to the people and other passengers who have confirmed berth ticket. So under any circumstances, one should not board the train if they have a fully waitlisted ticket.

There are chances for your waiting list ticket to get confirmation if you have booked the ticket beforehand but in the case of tatkal, the confirmation of the waiting list ticket has fewer chances. But if you still want to check or travel then before that you need to confirm your chances of your ticket getting confirmed reservation on websites. The waiting list is maximum during the rash season months like during the winter holidays or summer holidays, people going out for the tour and travels so it is advised to book your ticket beforehand otherwise there will be very few chances of your waiting list ticket getting confirmed during those seasons.

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