Indian Railways: Booking Train tickets in lower berth through IRCTC

Booking Train tickets in lower berth through IRCTC: The Indian Railways Tourism and online website allow a user to book train tickets online. Lots of people book tickets through the IRCTC website on daily basis. While booking tickets, maximum people prefer to get the lower berth especially for women and senior citizens. The railways have recently also increased the number of reserved seats in Sleeper and AC-classes for women and senior citizen passengers.

The also allows a user to select a choice of berth while booking the tickets online. But this feature doesn’t guarantee that you will be allotted the same seats as you have chosen, there is another option that lets you choose the option to book tickets only if one or two lower berths is available. If you choose any of these options, your tickets won’t be booked if there is no availability of a lower berth.

What should we do?

Rail authority advised selecting the dedicated lower-berth option only if you can’t travel without it. Also, as a precaution, select the option only if there are at least 200 berths available on the train. In this case, there are high chances of you getting the lower berth. If only 50 or 60 berths are available on the train, then try to avoid selecting the option.

Different Types of Quotas

There are almost 12 types of quotas in the ticket reservation offered by Indian Railways such as General, Tatkal, Ladies, Lower berth quota for Senior Citizen, and more. When booking begins, 4 months before the departure of the train, around only 50% of seats are available for the general public. The rest of the seats are allotted for different quotas and only for those passengers who are eligible for that specific quota are allowed to reserve seats in that.

General Quota (GN): General Quota has the highest number of seat allocation on a train. All bookings under the general quota opens usually 120 days in advance in Advance Reservation Period (ARP).

Tatkal (TQ): Tatkal Quota is the most sought after reservation quota for booking tickets. The tatkal quota is primarily for passengers with immediate or urgent travel plans. However, the rush increases in tatkal quota as the general quota seats are mostly booked.

Ladies Quota (LD): Ladies Quota is the specific quota in which only ladies traveling alone or with a child below 12 years of age are eligible to apply. In some specific trains, 6 berths are available for lady’s quota in Sleeper Class and Second Seating Class for ladies. There are no additional charges for using this quota for females.

Lower Berth Quota (SS): Lower Berth quota is especially for senior citizens who can avail of the facility to get a lower berth in trains. But more than 2 tickets cannot be booked at a time, even if all passengers are severally and jointly eligible for the same. The quota will be applicable only when an aged person travels alone or two passengers of age as mentioned above travel on a single ticket. After chosen the lower berth quota, if you book tickets for 3 passengers together then berths will be allotted under the general quota automatically even if all of 3 passengers are senior citizens. Pregnant women are also can take the facility to avail of this quota. Booking against this quota can be booked at counters only.

Who are eligible for a lower berth quota in trains?

Indian Railways has a reservation quota of lower berths for senior citizens as well as female passengers who are traveling alone and pregnant women in mail, express trains, and Rajdhani, Duronto trains. The ministry of Railway announced that it has revised the quota to 13 seats for normal mail or express trains having one coach of the designated class. It also said that for trains having more than one coach of the designated class the amount of lower berths seats reserved is going to be 15.

There are total of 12 lower berths are allotted in the sleeper, AC-3 tier, and AC-2 tier classes for senior citizens, female passengers, and pregnant women. The quota of reserved seats is seven in Rajdhani, Duronto, and other fully air-conditioned express trains.

Everything you should know About Lower Berth quota for Senior Citizens

Indian Railways has made it easy for a few passengers to get lower seats. The reserved quota is applicable for the following types of passengers:

  1. Senior citizens both for males (60 years aged and above) and females (58 years aged and above).
  2. Two passengers (above-mentioned criteria) traveling on one ticket (traveling on the same PNR number).
  3. Female passengers who are 45 or above and traveling alone.
  4. Pregnant female travelers. For pregnant women traveling alone under this quota or senior citizen quota, reservations are available only from booking counters or reservation offices of IRCTC. Pregnant women need to show a medical certificate at the time of booking to avail of this facility.

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