5 Tips for Tatkal ticket booking within first 15 minutes

Traveling is something that can happen at any moment. Even the last 15 minutes before the trip can become very important when ticket booking is in question.

Ticket booking in the last 15 minutes is something that people do on the regular when they need to plan a trip at the last minute.

There are a few seats that are reserved for people booking a tatkal ticket, which is also known as the emergency ticket. But people always get stuck on the question of how to book tatkal ticket online very fast?

This ticket can provide you the reliable seats for travel on the train when booked within a certain time frame. Many people book tatkal tickets in the last 15 minutes to get a reliable seat for travel.

This can mean that there is going to be a lot of traffic and rush that you will need to tackle. If you are not fast enough, your seat will be given to someone else who completes the whole process before you.

This can give unfortunate results. So, we have compiled a list of tips for tatkal ticket booking online & faster that can significantly help anyone while booking a ticket in the first 15 minutes to get a suitable seat that matches your needs.

Tip 1: keep the travel list ready

If you are planning to book a tatkal ticket at the last minute, you should be aware of what you want to get done.

So, keeping the travel list ready makes a lot of things much easier when booking a tatkal ticket.

You will not be wasting much time at the end of the day when you are booking the ticket because you will have the list of the passengers, their identity cards, and ages ready.

These Tips to Book Quick Tatkal Tickets provides a lot of information for the sake of identity check during the check of the credibility of the passenger and that if he or she owns the seat.

Tip 2: Research about the boarding and off-boarding stations

Knowing the trip and where you are going is very helpful. Researching about which stations have the least passenger traffic can be incredibly helpful as well.

Also, having the station codes saves a lot of time because you do not have to waste your seconds on using the click drop list.

It can be a little tedious when choosing the arrival and destination stations if you do not have the code, and the few seconds you waste can cost you your seat.

Well, planned research can never go wrong when we are talking about important travel scenarios.

Tip 3: keep the details of the passengers ready

This is a very useful tip because it will save a lot of time. Believe it or not, most people miss out on tatkal tickets because they do not keep important details about the passenger such as identity cards near them.

Searching for them at the end moment can waste a lot of precious time at the moment where every second count.

You do not want to waste time gathering resources when there are only 15 minutes left for booking a ticket to your important trip that you have to make.

There is a limited number of seats that are available and they run out in the first 5 minutes.

Every resource that you keep near you at that moment can make a big difference and you will not sit wondering how to book tatkal ticket online very fast in mobile.

Tip 4: make sure you know the berth preferences

Berth preferences make a little difference in the moments of tatkal ticket booking because seats are mostly assigned according to availability.

The window seats are the ones that run out the fastest among all the other berth preferences. If you are trying to book one of the window seats, you will have a bit of difficulty. But not if you are sure of it.

Go in with preparedness and surety of the berth that you want and enter it as soon as possible. If you are fortunate enough, and also quick enough, you will get the seat assigned to your name with much ease. You will not have any difficulty traveling then.

Tip 5: choose the bank that processes transactions the quickest

Your bank can also be the reason you miss out on that precious seat of yours when traveling.

Bank transactions can take a little bit of time to be processed depending upon the bank and how it processes the transactions.

Yes, security is important but when we are talking about tatkal, security can take a lot of time to process. This is why a bank that is just secure enough but processes transactions fast are important.

Having a Unified Payment Identity is also important if you have a phone number that stays with you all the time.

This can make the payment much simpler because IRCTC will send a piece of secured information to your bank with an OTP to your phone. This whole process gets completed in seconds and can save a lot of time.


Tatkal tickets are important tickets that are booked by people with important reasons behind them. Such tickets have only 15 minutes to be booked and can run out if you are not quick enough.

This is why we have compiled the above list of the best way to book tatkal ticket that has helped us and we are sure that they will help you as well.

Tatkal is available for every citizen and there is a sufficient number of seats that get filled up in the first 12 minutes.

12 minutes might seem small but they are a lot when you are thinking fast.

During booking, panicking is not the way to go. Being calm and having patience can help you get a successful booking.

You should read up and practice a few times without paying so that you can be prepared when it’s time.

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