Train PNR Details

To check online live PNR status of Indian Railways, just enter your 10-digits PNR number in the above box and get the current PNR number status of IRCTC train tickets on mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions by Indian Railways (IRCTC) Traveller

What is PNR?

Indian railway train tickets have a 10-digit PNR number. Which is an abbreviation for Passenger Name Record, and it is generated when you book a train ticket through IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) website or at the railway station ticket counter? After booking a train ticket, the Centre of Railway Information System (CRIS) stored all information about passengers are fed. PNR generated remains valid until the end of the journey. Older PNRs are removed from the CRIS database after a certain period of time. To find out the details of your train journey, you first need to check the PNR status online. has made it easy for you to check Indian Railways PNR status on mobile, and you will get the exact information on your train journey.

How is a PNR number issued to a passenger?

Passenger Name Record issued to an individual is a record in the railway database. When you book a ticket on the Indian Railways Reservation System, you will get a PNR number immediately. A PNR is generated by the Railways after the details are received like the name of the passenger, ticket details, contact information, and also the name of the booking agent.

Where can I see my PNR number?

Each Indian railways train ticket, whether it is booked online or offline through railway station ticket counter, comes with a 10-digit PNR number. For online ticket booking, the PNR is sent through email and SMS on register mobile number. When offline ticket booking, the PNR is present on the upper left-hand side of the printed ticket. When you have booked an e-ticket from the IRCTC website or online travel website, this  number will be at the top section. You need to input this PNR number to inquire about the PNR condition.

How can I check my 10-digit PNR Number Status Live Through Online Portal?

This is one of the best ways to check online PNR number status as it is very easy and trustworthy. Below are the top 3 online web portals that you can use to PNR prediction enquiry.

This is unofficial but it is becoming the most demanded website in between Indian railways travelers. To enquire about the current status of your PNR, simply logon to Enter your 10-digits PNR num in the box and then click on the ‘Track PNR Status’ button to get the actual result instant.

This is an official web portal of Indian Railways and maintained and designed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS).

This is Indian Railway’s official partner that handles tourism, catering, and online train ticketing booking operations. If you booked your train tickets via IRCTC portal. You can easily know your ticket confirmation status. Just login to your IRCTC account and then click on “Booked Train History”. Choose your E-Ticket and then simply click on Get PNR Status.

What does a PNR number store?

A PNR num has the following information: Passenger details, including name, age, and gender. Train details, including train number, coach and seat number, class of travel, and departure station. Ticket details, including mode of payment, transaction ID, and fare.

What does a PNR Status denote?

A passenger can check the status of the train ticket through the PNR . The number signifies the status of ticket. Whether the booked ticket is confirmed, canceled or on the waiting list, you can get the information through the PNR number. It will also mention the amount paid by you and the details of the payment. The name of the train, train number, journey date, details of the boarding and destination station, your seat and coach number, time of boarding, etc. will also be stated through the PNR.

How to check PNR number status through SMS?

To increase customer satisfaction, Railways has launched an SMS service to check status of your PNR. If you are offline, you can try sending SMS to 139 with the format given below. Type “PNR <10 digit PNR Number>” and send it to 139. Please note that carrier fees will apply for SMS service.

How to check PNR status live on smart mobile?

Now you can easily track your train PNR status live on mobile from anywhere and anytime. Just logon to on your smartphone. Enter your unique PNR num and click on “Track PNR Status.” This will give you the exact details of your train ticket, along with the credentials.

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PNR status check for railway ticket reservation

PNR status is the current status of your IRCTC train ticket booking. If you check status of PNR for railway ticket reservation, it will inform you about the following:

Current status – It will be CNF when your ticket is confirmed. If the ticket is on the waiting list, it will be WL. This will be RAC if your ticket has a reservation against cancellation.
This will specify the transaction ID and mode of payment along with the amount paid for the ticket.
It will contain the name of the train as well as the number of the train
This will provide the date of travel along with the details of the boarding station and destination station.
It will mention which seating class you are traveling in. Also, It will have your seat number and coach number (only in case of CNF PNR status)
It will tell you at what time you board the train and when you will reach your destination

How does PNR change from status to waitlist?

It can change from the waitlist to RAC or confirmed. As soon as those passengers who booked your train ticket cancel their booking, the PNR status starts changing. First, the PNR position will change from the WL position to the RAC position as soon as a sufficient number of cancellations occur. Then on further cancellation, the PNR state will eventually change from the RAC status to the confirmed (CNF) status.

What is PNR status prediction?

The prediction status of PNR is a new feature that predicts the future of a PNR (from WL to CNF). These forecasts are based on an analysis of Indian Railways train booking and cancellation data.

Will my Indian railway PNR status be confirmed?

At the time of booking, your ticket may be on the waiting list, meaning that your ticket has been booked, but you have not been given a seat or berth. Waiting list tickets can be confirmed before the train leaves in the future, depending on how many confirmed tickets had been canceled, or additional coaches have been added. You can track your current Indian railway PNR No status of waiting list train ticket using the website using the ten digit PNR number mentioned on your ticket.

What happens in Indian Railways PNR status?

The Indian Railways status of PNR informs the passenger about the current status of the booking, apart from the arrival and departure information of the train. That is, the ticket is confirmed or is on the waiting list (WL) or Reservation against Cancellation status (RAC). It also provides other information like the coach, seat number, and fare.

Types of Indian Railways Tickets

In Indian Railways, train tickets can be divided into two classes. On the basis of class, there are seven types of tickets. They are Ordinary ticket, Express ticket, Sleeper ticket, AC Chair Car, AC 3 Tier, AC 2 Tier, First class AC. Based on category, the tickets are Journey ticket, Blank paper ticket, Circular journey ticket, Special ticket, and Cloakroom ticket

The different PNR generation for different Indian Railway trains

In local trains, no PNR is generated on tickets. It is generated only on non- held tickets of fast-moving trains such as Rajdhani, Duranto, Satabdi, etc or the regular trains. When a ticket is not affirmed it generates WL status, GNWL, TQWL, RLWL, etc. The different PNR status describes the status of your ticket.

When do we get the seat number of a rail booking which has changed from WL to CNF PNR status?

When a rail booking is changed from Waiting List (WL) to Confirmed (CNF) then you can confirm your seat number only through the chart prepared by the railway authority. The chart is prepared usually 4 hours before the train departure timing. You can call the railway authorities for information. Nowadays the passengers even get a confirmation message once their ticket gets confirmed.

Where is the PNR number printed on a ticket?

If you have bought the ticket from the railway stations, you can find the PNR number on the top left-hand side of the ticket. You can also book a ticket online from the IRCTC website or through any online travel agency. On the e-ticket, the PNR num is on the top corner of the ticket in an individual section.

What does a PNR number signify?

The ten-digit PNR number signifies the details of the passenger. The first digit of  PNR num states the starting station of the train. The next two digits signify the PRS center from where the ticket is booked. The remaining seven digits are arbitrarily generated number to give it an irreplaceable and unique identity.

Why is there no coach or seat number even when I have a Reserved or Confirmed ticket?

When your ticket changes from Waiting List to Confirmed your PNR number will show you the status of the ticket but your seat and coach number will be allotted only after the preparation of the chart by the railway authority. The chart is usually prepared 4 hours before the train will depart. You do not need to worry you will get your coach and seat number from the chart.

Will a RAC ticket get a seat after the chart is prepared?

The confirmation of the RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) tickets depends on the availability of seats. If somebody cancels his ticket at the upcoming station then your ticket can get confirmed. So there are high chances of RAC ticket confirmation even after the chart is prepared since it is prioritized before the Waiting List tickets.

Can the boarding station of a booked ticket be changed?

Yes, you can change the boarding station of a booked ticket but it can be done up to 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the train. You can follow the steps mentioned on the website of IRCTC to change the boarding station of your ticket. Or you can just submit a letter mentioning the same to the station master.

How often should the PNR status updates be checked?

The changes occurring with the confirmation of the ticket are not always conveyed to the passengers so it is important to check your PNR status before departing if your ticket is confirmed or regularly if it is not confirmed. There is no specific timing of the updates on the status of the PNR by the railway authority. It is done according to the ticket cancellation and availability. It is suggested to PNR status check on a daily basis so that you do not miss any information.

How long is a PNR number valid?

The PNR is kept in the railway repository for about six months after the journey for any enquirers after which they are reused to avoid a shortage of the numbers.

PNR status confirmation chances of Indian railways

Possibility of confirmation of the status of various waitlist tickets

  1. GNWL (General Waiting List) – Highest Confirmation Prospects
  2. CKWL (Tatkal Waiting List) – GNWL tickets are preferred over Tatkal tickets; hence CKWL confirmation is less likely than GNWL.
  3. RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List) – Low chances of confirmation
  4. PQWL (Pooled quota waiting list) – low probability of confirmation, quota shared between multiple stations
  5. RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List) – Low probability of confirmation when users book tickets under RLWL
  6. RQWL (Request Waiting List) – Low probability of confirmation
  7. RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List) – Low probability of confirmation

How to check PNR status with the name?

You can only use the PNR no to know the status of your ticket, and you cannot check PNR status with your name as it is kept confidential. The only option where you can get the PNR details in the passenger’s name is after the chart is prepared, i.e., on the notice board of the railway, or on the coaches of the train.

Can I check the passenger name in PNR?

There is no way that you can find out the names of passengers with the help of PNR. Names are not specified in the PNR status. Due to privacy reasons, the details, including name, age, gender, are kept confidential after booking train tickets.

Railway PNR enquiry by SMS

To know about Railway PNR enquiry by SMS service, simply type in your PNR number and send it on the toll-free number 139.

PNR Enquiry: SMS “PNR <10-digit PNR number>” to 139

For example, your PNR number is 8631329607

Type PNR 8631329607 and send to 139

Note: Premium Charges of Rs. 3.00 Per SMS is applicable.

Now 139 Service is also available at USSD for Reliance, idea, and Uninor users. Launching soon on other Operators also.

Just Dial *139# on your mobile phone.

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Indian Railways Ticket Abbreviations

  • PNR – Passenger Name Record
  • CNF – Confirmed
  • RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation
  • WL – Waiting List
  • 1A – First Class AC
  • 2A – AC 2-Tier Sleeper
  • 3A – AC 3 Tier
  • 3E – AC 3 Tier Economy
  • FC – First Class
  • CC – Chair car
  • SL – Sleeper Class
  • GN – General Quota
  • CK – Tatkal Quota
  • DF – Defence Quota
  • LD – Ladies Quota
  • HP – Physically Handicapped Quota
  • SS – Senior Citizen Quota

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